Blue Dragon’s Best Actress returns to the small screen after 4 years, intense charisma

After 4 years, this actress, who won Best Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, has returned to the Korean small screen. 

Chun Woo Hee, an acclaimed actress who once won Best Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, has officially made her comeback on the small screen after 4 years. Specifically, she takes on the lead role of Lee Ro Woom in “Delightfully Deceitful.”

Chun Woo Hee plays the lead role of Lee Ro Woom in the drama “Delightfully Deceitful.”

“Delightfully Deceitful” is a drama series that combines drama and comedy genres, telling the story of two contrasting characters: Lee Ro Woom, a genius con artist who cannot empathize, and Han Moo Young (played by Kim Dong Wook), a serious and empathetic lawyer.

In the still cuts released by tvN, Chun Woo Hee showcases various aspects of her character, Lee Ro Woom. In the two prison scenes, she displays an aura filled with coldness and loneliness. Meanwhile, in the other two scenes set in a bar, the actress exudes a highly captivating aura.

Chun Woo Hee’s mesmerizing charisma

On the other hand, Chun Woo Hee is a critically acclaimed actress, who has received four nominations and one win at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. In recent years, she has been actively engaged with acting, primarily focusing on film projects.

However, she is not as active on the TV scene, with her latest work prior to “Delightfully Deceitful” being “Be Melodrama”, which aired in 2019. In fact, throughout Chun Woo Hee’s career, the actress has only appeared in a total of seven drama series.

Meanwhile, “Delightfully Deceitful” is being aired on tvN on every Monday and Tuesday. 

Source: k14

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