(G)I-DLE Shuhua, who pins comments calling her pretty, has been nicknamed “Everyone’s First Love” since her college days

The beauty of (G)I-DLE Shuhua, who accepts praises from fans with ease, is simply astounding. 

Shuhua, a member of the famous girl group (G)I-DLE , recently invoked laughter with her habits on Instagram. In particular, Shuhua, who has about 2.67 million Instagram followers, is famous for pinning comments praising her beauty, regardless of which language they are in. 


Recently, on the YouTuber web entertainment program “Neighborhood Star K2”, Shuhua revealed a fun episode when a fan hailed her visuals. In particular, under a comment saying, “Are you a goddess?”, Shuhua replied, “Take out the question mark”, and added, “Speak with confidence. Why do you say that in such a doubtful tone?”

The extraordinary confidence Shuhua has about her appearance isn’t groundless, either, seeing that the female idol boasts fair skin and an outstanding beauty.

In fact, Shuhua is known to be in charge of visuals in (G)I-DLE alongside fellow member Miyeon, and when she first joined the group’s agency Cube Entertainment, the employees were delighted, saying, “A really pretty girl has come in”. 

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In particular, Shuhua has fair skin and boasts an elegant and beautiful visual. She also boasts a pure and attractive vibe that earned nicknames such as “Snow White”, “Everyone’s First Love”, and “Memory manipulator”. The last nickname was based on the popular saying, “She’s so pretty that although I have never seen her before, my memory has been manipulated to feel like she’s my first love.” 

When Shuhua was attending the Department of Theater at Hwa Kang Arts School before her debut, she was popular to the point that other students gave her beautiful nicknames, such as “First Love Manipulator” and “Everyone’s First Love”.

Meanwhile, Shuhua was born in 2000 and turned 23 this year. She debuted in the music industry as a member of the girl group (G)I-DLE in May 2018.

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Growing up in a strict family, Shuhua revealed that she used to watch TV a lot because she always stayed at home. In particular, the female developed her dream of becoming an actress after watching the Korean drama “Temptation of Wife” and then entered Hwa Kang Arts School. 

However, as the Korean Wave began to spread widely during her middle school days, Shuhua often practiced K-pop choreographies with her friends and became more and more interested in singers. With that passion, Shuhua challenged the audition at CUBE Entertainment and passed it. After going through a harsh training period, she finally made her debut with (G)I-DLE.

gi-dle-shuhua blonde hair

(G)I-DLE recently made their comeback with the 5th mini album “I Love” and dominated major music charts in Korea with the title song “Nxde”.

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