BLACKPINK’s Lisa is now #2 among Spotify’s most followed female Kpop soloists and second only to…? 

In just a short time since her solo debut, Lisa has become the second most-followed female Kpop soloist on Spotify.

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the largest music streaming platforms nowadays. With over 40 million tracks, Spotify is a service where users can comfortably listen to copyrighted music without worrying about piracy or illegal sharing. 


As a result, the number of streams and followers on Spotify has become a metric of artists’ success, alongside Youtube views, physical sales, and other digital rankings. Being big on Spotify is regarded as a clear evidence of international popularity. 

Recently, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has officially become one of the most followed female Kpop solo acts on Spotify. She is second only to IU

Lisa came second…
only losing to IU

At the moment, there are 2.87 million users tuning into Lisa’s Spotify profile, while this number for IU is over 6.5 million. Before Lisa, the second place belonged to MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, who recorded around 2.6 million followers. This is a remarkable result, given the fact that it only took Lisa half a year since her solo debut to achieve this.

blackpink lisa

Moreover, this is not Lisa’s only achievement on Spotify. She also owns the most-streamed Kpop solo track and the most-streamed Kpop solo album. Lisa is the third most streamed female K-pop soloist and has the highest number of monthly listeners in history for a Kpop solo singer with 28.6 million streams. 

Numbers don’t lie, and the immense charm of Lisa is obviously irrefutable. 

Lisa Blackpink birthday in Thailand
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