BLACKPINK’s Jisoo shares concerns about making her long-awaited solo debut

Jisoo expressed her candid thoughts on going solo in BLACKPINK’s interview with Rolling Stone. 

Talking to Rolling Stone in a recent interview, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, the only member of the YG’s girl group who has yet to release music as a soloist, opened up about her solo debut that is expected to take place sometime by the end of this year. For the first time, she expressed her honest concerns about going solo. 

Blackpink Jisoo

Jisoo said she was still unsure about how much she wanted to go solo. It seems that she has yet to find a clear direction of what kind of sound and genre she wishes to pursue. She is torn between different options, including the kind of music she listens to, one she is capable of singing, and one she hopes to do. Jisoo added that she enjoyed songs packed with instruments. She was also a fan of band and rock music. But beside what she likes, Jisoo also takes into consideration what exactly do listeners expect from her. Jisoo says “a chaos of conflicting questions” is going on inside her head.

blackpink jisoo
Source: rollingstone

Jisoo went on to address the burden she felt being in the limelight. Jisoo loves to be creative and has fun working on a song alongside professionals. But she finds herself struggling with questions of purpose and pressured by her massive popularity. Jisoo says what she really likes remains a “mystery”. 

Source: rollingstone

Of course, she enjoys being on stage and performing, but that doesn’t mean she loves having much attention drawn to her all the time. According to Jisoo, this is what makes her different from the rest of BLACKPINK. Other members like being in the spotlight more than she does. Their energy is boosted when they are surrounded by fans, so when they go down from the stage and there is silence, they will feel empty. Meanwhile, Jisoo experiences more pressure when she’s on stage, as she worries she’ll make mistakes. She has trouble loosening up and truly enjoying herself because performing to Jisoo sometimes is more like undergoing an exam. 

Source: rollingstone

Sources: rollingstone

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