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This male idol revealed the reason behind his “annoying” habit of ending every sentence with a dot 

SHINee members Min Ho and Key showed off their extraordinary friendship.

SHINee Min Ho & Key, singers Tei and Lee Seok Hoon appeared as guests in the special episode “On Air Mates” of MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star”, which aired on November 9th.

Radio Star Key Minho

On the broadcast, Min Ho and Key showed their chemistry as best friends with opposite personalities. The two surprised everyone as they said it took them 10 years to understand each other.

In particular, Key said, “Among Min Ho’s actions, there is one thing I really hate”, adding, “Min Ho always marks a dot (.) at the end of every sentence”. What’s more interesting is that Min Ho even put dots after emoticons.

In addition to the screenshots revealed by “Radio Star”, Min Ho’s Instagram actually had most of his posts with captions ended with dots.

Radio Star Key Minho

According to fans, Min Ho’s real brother and member Key wrote comments complaining about him using dots many times. Nevertheless, Min Ho didn’t stop.

The reason has finally been revealed. Min Ho said, “Key’s reaction when he doesn’t like something is very funny”. He explained, “At first, I started putting a dot at the end of every sentence as a joke, but everyone began to question why I did that. I wondered, ‘Why are people curious about this?’. Since it became more interesting, I kept doing that. The best reaction was from Key”. 

Radio Star Key Minho

Key angrily said, “I keep seeing the dots since this friend posts a lot. I really hate that. And he knows that I don’t like it so…”

In response, Kim Gu Ra commented about the two’s pleasant friendship, saying “A dot can really bring happiness”, drawing laughter. 

Source: wikitree

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