BLACKPINK’s Jennie may be exhausted after various unfounded controversies

Ever since debut, Jennie has never been able to take a break from rumors, scandals, and may be both mentally and physically drained. 

BLACKPINK Jennie, who’s nicknamed “the princess of YG Entertainment”, receives a lot of attention right after her doubt. As the first member of BLACKPINK to go solo, Jennie shows immense talents from singing, rapping, to dancing, as well as stunning visuals and stage presence. 


However, reputation goes hand in hand with hatred, leading to Jennie being embroiled in various controversies and rumors. 

Surrounded by controversies 

Back in September 2012, Jennie, who was still a trainee under YG Entertainment, got roped into a bullying scandal. At the time, she was accused of bullying and being discriminatory towards other Asians while she lived in New Zealand, but these allegation quickly died down. In 2016, after her debut with BLACKPINK, netizens dug up this controversy, and tried their best to drag Jennie down. 

A year later, and the female idol still couldn’t catch a break, as the rumors spread again in China, and the notorious YouTuber channel Garo Sero Instituted mentioned the case in a viral video.


At the time, Kim Yong Ho from Garo Sero Institute claimed that they had “evidence” about Jennie’s bullying behavior, and even mentioned a “witness Kang”, who was allegedly threatened by YG Entertainment. YG has erased all posts that talked badly about Jennie, Kim Yong Ho said. 

Meanwhile, netizens showed mixed reaction, with some demanding for further investigation, and most believing that the scandal is baseless. 

YG Entertainment’s supposed “favoritism” towards Jennie also earned the female idol a lot of hatred. Things were taken to the next level after the TV program “My Little Television”, when Lisa was shown taking socks off for Jennie while sitting on the floor, leading to accusations of mistreatment and bullying within the group. 


In 2021, when YG Entertainment refused to let Lisa attend the Paris Fashion Week and failed to properly promote Lisa’s solo debut “Lalisa”, Jennie once again found herself amidst disdain. Even a Thai media pointed their finger towards Jennie, suggesting that YG neglected Lisa in favor of Jennie. 

In particular, after Bvlgari announced that Lisa would not make it to their show at Paris Fashion week due to “Covid-19 concerns”, the Thai news site Enquire reported this on their official Twitter account. However, they also added the hashtags “YGLetLisadoHerWork” and “Jennie”, dragging the female idol into the crossfire, despite Jennie being completely unrelated to the problem. To add to the mess, other news site, such as Siamdara, and Thai brands were also accused of having made discriminatory moves towards Jennie. 


The most recent event that seriously affects Jennie’s personal life is the leak of alleged dating photos of her with BTS’s V on social media. V and Jennie have been caught up in dating rumors ever since the Jeju incident, followed by constantly leaked photos. However, both agencies of the two idols still refuse to speak up. 

Not only Jennie, some unreleased photos of other BLACKPINK members were also leaked. Netizens suspect that these photos were hacked from Jennie or Lisa’s iCloud or private Instagram accounts. Either way, their privacy is being severely invaded.

V jennie

While fans are upset because YG Entertainment is not taking any action to protect their artists, pop culture critic Kim Sori through Ilyo Newspaper explained the reason for the company’s silence. Accordingly, this matter is regarding the artists’ private lives, so it is difficult for the company to make an official statement.

Kim Sori said that YG Entertainment’s silence can imply that V and Jennie are actually dating. Once this is confirmed, it will be a big shock to many fans. Therefore, it is reasonable for YG Entertainment to keep quiet. 

Mental and physical exhaustion

However, fans still hope that YG Entertainment will take action to avoid further invasion of Jennie’s privacy. Fans’ concerns are not at all groundless because the current situation may affect Jennie’s mental health.


Earlier, in an interview with Rolling Stone in May, Jennie admitted that there are misperceptions about her personality. BLACKPINK’s Jennie may look all strong and tough, but the real Jennie has always been shy. She is not bright and bubbling with energy. So sometimes she is misunderstood as looking “pissed” and unapproachable, which is not true. 

Jennie revealed to Rolling Stone that she was mentally and physically exhausted at the end of BlackPink’s world tour in 2020. She did not talk about this in detail because she did not want the fans to worry, but Jennie said that she and other BLACKPINK members had to work nonstop without a break for three years after debuting. They did not have enough sleep, did not eat properly and were dehydrated for 3 to 4 years.

blackpink rolling stone

“We were young, in our early 20s. Our sleep systems were breaking down. We were on tour for a year and a half. I didn’t have a home. If I touched something I’d have an allergic reaction. I had no immune system at all, but we needed to keep touring,” said Jennie.

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