BLACKPINK Rosé’s dress almost fell off during concert, had to ask male dancer for help

On March 11th, BLACKPINK continued their world tour with a performance in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, during the concert, Rosé faced a sudden situation that would make many panic. 

In particular, when performing “Hard To Love”, the neck strap of Rosé’s dress suddenly fell off, almost exposing the female idol. Fortunately, Rosé was able to hold on to the top half of her dress in time, and asked a male dancer to tie the strap again for her. This is an extremely professional handling of a could-be dangerous situation. 


To many fans of BLACKPINK, however, this is the last drop of water on a camel’s backs. Previously, Rosé has faced many wardrobe mishaps, and this situation is considered the most severe. In fact, even the male dancer who helped Rosé seemed to have panicked in the situation, and it was only thanks to Rosé’s strong mentality that the stage could have gone on well. 

As a result, many are expressing their dissatisfaction against BLACKPINK’s stylist, and left comments such as “This almost became a big deal”, “Rosé was in great danger of exposing herself”, and “The dancers are also sensible”. 

At the same time, attention is also being paid to Rosé’s previous wardrobe mishap, including one during the 2018 MMA, where the back of her top suddenly came off while BLACKPINK performed “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. 

Another time, Rosé’s ring got tangled in her dress, so she rushed to remove the ring and continued the performance. Later on, Rosé’s earring fell off during a stage of “Forever Young”, so she kicked off the jewelry to avoid it hindering her steps. 

Rosé’s professionalism has deeply impressed fans and the public alike. Nevertheless, many still raised voices of concern, and asked for BLACKPINK’s stylist to pay more attention to the girl group’s stage clothes to avoid future accidents. 

Source: Insight

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