An idol with 7 years of experience, Nayeon of TWICE, revealed “The reason why fan signing events are hard”

TWICE Nayeon confessed her worries about being shy.

On the 30th of last month, Yongjin Health Center uploaded a video on YouTube titled, “No more misunderstandings! Nayeon’s shy personality concern [Yongjin Health Center EP 05. TWICE Nayeon]”. TWICE Nayeon appeared as a guest in the video.

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Nayeon began by saying, “I had lived without knowing the inconvenience,” and revealed that she had been worried about her shy personality since her solo debut.

He said, “I have a hard time being with someone I met for the first time,” and confessed about the difficulties she experienced at fansign events. “I’m not good at small talk,” she said adding, “I have to make an effort, so if I ask ‘Did you eat?’ and ‘Where are you from?’ it’s obvious that I am trying very hard to talk.” 

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Nayeon said sometimes she couldn’t even say that right, reciting how there was a review of her signing event saying, “She asked me ‘Have you eaten?” and I knew it was done. I guess she didn’t have anything to say.”

Comedian Lee Yong-jin and Nayeon, then reenacted the fan signing event, showing Nayeon’s difficulty in continuing the conversation. She couldn’t say anything more special than “What’s your name?”, and “See you again.”

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Lee Yong-jin said, “I think you’re more shy than I am. I’m shy too, so about this shy personality, I can’t tell you anything because I know I can’t overcome them,” he said with an apologetic look.

Nayeon said, “It was nice to receive sympathy from strangers and advice from people who are not shy, unlike me.”

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