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TWICE Nayeon, “I’m worried about my shy personality, I get criticized for my facial expressions when I debuted”

Nayeon, a member of TWICE, told a situation that she experienced due to her shyness.

In the web entertainment show “Yongjin Health Center,” which was released on Jun 30th, Nayeon, who recently released her first solo mini-album “IM NAYEON,” appeared and shared her concerns.

twice nayeon - im nayeon

When comedian Lee Yong-jin said, “She’s here because of her shy personality,”  Nayeon shared, “If a show has 2 parts, I thought I would die in the first part. It will be a little better in the second part,” she said.

twice nayeon yongjin health center

Nayeon added, “I was misunderstood a lot when I first debuted. Our song is bright. I was bright on stage, but I was criticized a lot because I was expressionless in the waiting room,” she confessed.

“I don’t care what others think,” said Nayeon, “But the atmosphere is tough. It’s hard to breathe,” she said.

twice nayeon yongjin health center

Dancer Gabee, at the end of the video, advised Nayeon, “Why don’t you practice telling everyone honestly that you have this personality?” and Nayeon said, “You guys can talk to me. Instead, I am not a bad, cold person. It just takes a little time,” she said cautiously.

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