BOYNEXTDOOR Members Touched By Zico’s Words, “He Said Something Like A Movie Line”

BOYNEXTDOOR’s Jaehyun and Woonhak shared an anecdote with their producer Zico.

On September 21st, the YouTube channel “KBS Kpop” uploaded a new video titled “Woonhak was scolded for being feminine 100 days after his debut”.

BOYNEXTDOOR Myung Jae-hyeon Unhak

The new episode of “Eunchae’s Star Diary”, hosted by LE SSERAFIM’s Hong Eun-chae, featured the guest appearance of members Jaehyun and Woonhak of the boy group BOYNEXTDOOR, who just made their comeback with the title song “But Sometimes”.

On the program, a fan of BOYNEXTDOOR asked, “Baby Jaehyun, when did you cry the most recently?”. In fact, the video of Jaehyun crying after the group won first place became a hot topic on the Internet.

BOYNEXTDOOR Myung Jae-hyeon Unhak

In response, Jaehyun said, “I don’t know why my crying went viral but we won first place for the first time the other day and the next day we won our second first place. I couldn’t cry on the first day because I was dazed”. He continued, “We won first place on the second day. We have a member whose name is Riwoo, he was next to me. He told me, ‘It just hit you, right?’, like a line from a movie”.

Hearing Riwoo’s words, Jaehyun burst into tears. Jaehyun said, “My part was coming but rather than doing gestures and other things, I thought ‘Let’s just rap’.”

BOYNEXTDOOR Myung Jae-hyeon Unhak

Hong Eun-chae continued asking about Jaehyun’s dark past, saying “You cried at your debut, right?”. Jaehyun got embarrassed then mentioned Zico, the rapper and producer who created BOYNEXTDOOR, saying “Yes. At that time, our producer Zico said something like a movie line”.

Woohak continued, “Right. That time our producer Zico told us, ‘We are starting now and this is our first step. Let’s build our directions together. This is really the start, boys’”, adding “After shouting our group’s slogan, Jaehyun sobbed”.

hong eun chae

Hong Eun-chae sympathized with Jaehyun’s tears so she said, “I’m like that, too. I know how it is. I cried the most”, adding “I cried when we won first place on Music Bank as well”. It was actually when Hong Eun-chae handed over the trophy to her own group LE SSERAFIM who won No.1 while working as an MC for “Music Bank”. She commented, “It was very memorable. I still watch that video often”.

Source: Daum

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