Fan Bingbing and Lee Joo-young’s Chemistry in Girl Love Movie “Green Night” Exceeds Expectations 

Fan Bingbing and Lee Joo-young’s chemistry is the highlight of the critically acclaimed film “Green Night” 

Incheon Airport security screener Jin Xia (Fan Bingbing), tired of her monotonous daily life, encounters a free-spirited green-haired woman (Lee Joo-young).

Jin Xia, a Chinese woman married to a Korean man (Kim Young-ho), endured an unhappy life with her abusive husband. To leave her violent husband, she needed money, and she desperately needed 35 million won to secure an F-2 visa.

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One day, while struggling to find the funds, she meets the green-haired woman, a smuggler, and is drawn into an entirely different life. They are irresistibly attracted to each other’s unique charm, and the green-haired woman challenges Jin Xia. 

Jin Xia and the green-haired woman trust their choice to become each other’s guiding light. As they become more vulnerable, they become more themselves, using the irony of their increasingly precarious situation as their driving force.

Fan Bingbing and Lee Joo-young’s chemistry is beyond expectations

Through this film, Fan Bingbing is seen in a new light. Her brilliance as a top Chinese star is unmatched. Her bare face, minimalist fashion, and a portrayal of a woman with a troubled past stand out.

She embodies queerness and even speaks a foreign language. Her character can also be interpreted as a reflection of Fan Bingbing’s own life, having been virtually exiled from the Chinese entertainment industry due to tax evasion allegations. 

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The chemistry between the two is beyond expectations. They fill the familiar narrative of hardship with their strong presence. Fan Bingbing and Lee Joo-young communicated through an interpreter and short English phrases to get to know each other. 

Lee Joo-young once again demonstrates her acting skills, built up from independent films, and goes beyond her neutral characters in works like “Baseball Girl” and “Itaewon Class.” She is not overshadowed by Fan Bingbing.

If Jin Xia represents a person worn down by harsh reality, the green-haired woman is a character close to fantasy, like Emma in “Blue Is the Warmest Color.” She awakens Jin Xia from her oppression. As their emotions grow closer, they aim for friendship, love, and solidarity, somewhere in between.

Exotic Seoul and two alienated women

Their stable acting chemistry and stylish visuals are present. Although set in Korea, it’s painted with exotic colors, creating a fresh vibe. It guides you into the deep green darkness of night, where you can’t predict when the dawn will come. 

They may not have deep conversations, but their eyes, expressions, and gestures connect, allowing for empathy and understanding. Despite different languages, values, and ages, the process of gradually getting to know each other unfolds powerfully.

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In the latter half of the film, Jin Xia, who was initially controlled by her Korean husband, becomes more proactive and vibrant. In the last scene with sign language without subtitles, you can experience Jin Xia’s pain, fear, and anger. 

Director Han Shuai said at the Busan International Film Festival press conference, “Only women can help and understand women. The shooting took place during the most critical time of the pandemic, and everyone came together and persevered.” In fact, the director, actors, and production team, including the producer and assistant director, were all women.

The film was invited to the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival Panorama section and the 28th Busan International Film Festival Gala Presentation section, earning much praise. It is the second work by director Han Shuai, who gained attention with her debut film “Summer Blur.”

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