Supporting actors that dominate the Korean drama scene 

These supporting actors and actresses are making their own impression thanks to excellent and diverse performances.

“National Father” Sung Dong Il 

reply 1988

Once an unknown actor for 8 years straight, not until his appearance in “Reply 1988” was the actor remembered as a model father figure and still is until now. 

Currently, Sung Dong Il is a staple in the Korean television dramas just by his sheer appearance frequency on today’s dramas. As a father on-screen, whether strict or soft, he is a loving father at heart. Sung Dong Il did try to diversify his acting roles by playing a villain role in “The Slave Hunters” and received praises for versatile acting performances. 

Sung Dong Il

“National Mother” Kim Hae Sook 

kim hae sook

Kim Hae Sook may come as an unfamiliar name for many audiences. Yet, once she appears on screen, viewers will recognize the actress without fail and know at least one episode in a drama series where she appeared in. 

kim hae sook

Hae Sook’s role is usually of a strict and talkative mother but harbors a vast unconditional love for her children. Several dramas where the actress made a striking impression on the audiences include “Infamous Chil Princesses”, “Winter Sonata”, “Summer Scent” and “Spring Waltz”. 

“Chatty Auntie” Kim Sun Young 

kim sun young

Also typecasted in mother roles, actress Kim Sun Young, however, creates her image as a comical and charming figure on-screen. Her “Crash Landing on You” character as the chatty Na Wol Sook who likes to scrutinize people is loved by many avid fans of the show. While annoying at first, her character is actually a kind-hearted and sincere person. 

kim sun young

Her roles in “Reply 1988” and “When the Camellia Blooms” also leave an unforgettable imprint on the audiences for her sassy and comical personalities. 

“Chameleon” Kim Won Hae 

Kim Won Hae earns himself the title “chameleon” for his extremely diverse and colorful performances on television series. The actor never limits himself in a box, always pushing boundaries of his acting roles. They range from comical and flamboyant uncle to serious member of criminal profiling team in “Signal” or even gang leader in “The Fiery Priest”. 

Kim Won Hae

Whether detective, crime investigation or romance genres, the actor can transform seamlessly and shock viewers with his wonderful performances. 

“Expression Master” Kang Ki Young 

Kang Ki-young

Kang Ki Young is among the comedian staples of many television projects. From “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Soo” to “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”, the actor will make the audience burst into laughter with his unique facial expressions. 

Kang Ki-young

However, versatility is also one of the actor’s strong points. In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Kang Ki Young transforms miraculously into a calm and experienced lawyer who accompanies Woo Young Woo through any hardship. This role may signal a change into a galant and handsome male lead, proving he is more than his comedic persona. 

“Script-selection Expert” Oh Jung Se 

oh jung se

While lacking in a conventionally attractive look, Oh Jung Se always leaves a strong impression for his acting performances. Actor Oh always diversifies his roles and impression with every new drama. He is also remarkably known for a “Midas hand” in selecting drama scripts because every drama he appears in is a major success. The actor is now a sought-after name in the industry for gifted acting talent, the commitment to his craft and a “rating king”, despite being a supporting actor.  

From an older brother with autism spectrum disorder in “It’s Okay not to be Okay” to a perverted and low self-esteem landlord in “When the Camellia Blooms” or a coldblooded villain in “Hot Stove League”, the actor always executes his roles flawlessly. 

Despite being a supporting role, these actors and actresses prove they can capture the audiences’ attention with their own wits and charms. Without them, a drama would never have been as whole and successful as it was. 

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