“Human Chanel” Jennie (BLACKPINK) showed off her gorgeous body line for a Chanel even

Jennie (BLACKPINK) showed off her amazing “Human Chanel” vibe.

Jennie visited the Chanel Flagship boutique, which was refurbished for the 2021/22 Coco Neige collection, on Oct 18th. On this day, the BLACKPINK member showed off her unique mysterious, cute, and alluring charm. Dressed in a black and white sweater, black hot pants with her gracefully tied-up hair, and side bang let down, Jennie is indeed a fascinating human Chanel herself.


This season, Jennie is selected as the model for the collection campaign filmed by Dutch photographer duo Inez & Vinoodh, perfectly expressing Chanel’s winter sports collection. Jennie said, “I like to enjoy winter sports in the snow. I really like the feeling of snow. Wearing this outfit, I think I can go skiing tomorrow.”


Coco Neige reinterpreted the Alpine sensibility by adding Chanel’s elegance and code to the basic winter sportswear made of technical materials. This idea can be seen throughout the collection: double C embroidered jacket, trousers with Chanel lettering prints, neat ski suit, pearl gray-colored long-down jacket with a detachable hood, and parka showing both masculinity and femininity,…


Accessories can’t be left out. Leather and metal necklace, cardholder, headphone case, or small bags, are designed to allow you to enjoy freely on the snow slopes. The Chanel 2021/22 Coco Neige collection is currently in store at the Boutique starting from Oct 19th.


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