Fans are loving the face and talent combination of IVE’s youngest and oldest member 

Maknae Leeseo and the oldest member Gaeul of IVE are attracting much attention these days.  

IVE is one of the most popular 4th generation girl groups. Starship’s rookie girl group is loved for a lineup filled with visuals that are also talented and charming. In addition to the two most famous members, Wonyoung and Yujin, the combination of the youngest and oldest members, Leeseo and Gaeul, is also a fan favorite.

Leeseo (left) and Gaeul (right) are said to give off similar vibes

Since IVE was introduced, Gaeul and Leeseo have been said to look alike and exude similar vibes. Fans even mistake one of them for the other sometimes because they could easily pass off as twin sisters. 

Leeseo draws attention for both her beauty and talent despite her extremely young age. Leeseo made her debut when she was only 15 years old, but she has proved age is just a number. Leeseo looks like an experienced idol in every performance by showing off excellent stage presence and diverse expressions. 

Leeseo also earned much praise for her professionalism in the debut stage of IVE. When Wonyoung‘s earring fell, she quickly picked it up to avoid other members getting hurt. How quickly she responded to on-stage problems despite being a rookie gained admiration from netizens.  

Leeseo is a rookie but her professionalism is no joke

The oldest member Gaeul was commented to have a more loving and gentle beauty. Owning an outstanding beauty, the expression on stage of the female idol makes the audience satisfied.

Gaeul‘s biggest strength is probably beauty. She is considered as one of the 4th gen female idols with the most beautiful bare face. Therefore, IVE’s eldest member also often shows off her advantage.

Gaeul’s bare face is appreciated.

In the recent comeback with Love Dive, fans have clearly noticed Gaeul‘s improvement compared to Leeseo. Accordingly, when the concept photos were released, the youngest member quickly caused a fever with her attractive expression, while the eldest member was given a new image of short hair, with better expression than when she first debuted.

As a member of the same group with outstanding beauty, Gaeul and Leeseo made fans “visually shocked”. Fans believe that the two will join IVE to create a boom for the 4th generation of K-pop.


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