5 talented Korean actors who deserve to be way more popular

The popularity of Kim Tae Ri, Lee Se Young, Yoo Seung Ho,… is not on the same level as their talents. 

Many actors, despite having outstanding talent and dedication to their jobs, still get outranked by some of their colleagues in terms of popularity and media coverage. The following Korean stars are typical examples. 

1. Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri is arguably one of the top female actresses born in the 90s. With her excellent performances in The Handmaiden and Mr. Sunshine, she captured the hearts of the audience and took home numerous acting awards. However, despite having a high recognition in Korea, Kim Tae Ri’s reputation is still limited internationally. Compared to Park Shin Hye or Park Bo Young, surely foreign fans of Korean movies and dramas will be more familiar with these two actresses than Kim Tae Ri. Or in Space Sweepers, Kim Tae Ri is also in the main cast, but Song Joong Ki gets mentioned more. 

2. Lee Se Young

Starting out as a child actress, Lee Se Young worked hard for 20 years but still could not rise to the top. Many viewers only remember Lee Se Young as the pretty zombie in A Korean Odyssey. Fortunately, this year, Lee Se Young is having a memorable role in The Red Sleeve, her most successful drama yet. Although she has not yet been able to become an A-lister, The Red Sleeve promises to be an important stepping stone for Lee Se Young to achieve more success in the future.

3. Seo In Guk

Seo In Guk is a familiar face in popular Korean dramas, such as Reply 1997, Master’s Sun,… His acting skills are highly appreciated for a singer-turned actor. However, the recent dramas in which he played the male lead did not achieve impressive results. 

4. Yoo Seung Ho

As the national younger brother loved by the whole country, Yoo Seung Ho has too much potential to follow in the footsteps of the senior generation to become a top actor. But unfortunately, Yoo Seung Ho only participated in some series that are neither bad nor too good. Many people believe that the wrong way of choosing the script is the reason why Yoo Seung Ho could not turn up.

5. Chun Woo Hee

Chun Woo Hee is one of the highly appreciated actors at Chungmuro ​​- the Hollywood of Korea. She is continuously nominated and won prestigious awards for many of her films. But most of the audience only knows Chun Woo Hee for the role of the bully in Sunny (Go-go Sister). Her latest TV series, Be Melodramatic, was highly rated, but the ratings weren’t too impressive.


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