Jisoo continued to be harshly criticized for her poor performance in “Snowdrop”, “She is not comparable to Jung Hae-in…”

The pronunciation of the female lead actress BLACKPINK Jisoo in JTBC’s drama “Snowdrop” was pointed out and criticized by netizens.

In the 6th episode of “Snowdrop” aired on January 1st, Yeongro (Jisoo) confronted Suho (Jung Hae-in), who took students at Hosu Women’s University dormitory as hostages.

jung hae in

Receiving information about the murder of 3 armed spies and Professor Han Yi-seop, Lim Su-ho decided to choose the hostages to be released in order to get some time to survive.

When Youngro’s name was called, she refused to go and said that she would stay there so he could let someone else out instead of her. Suho got angry at Boon-ok’s words and said he would choose the people to be released himself. 


Youngro shouted, “Who are you to control people’s lives? I will stay here, so let everyone go. I told you to let them out”. Suho answered, “I said I would decide on who can go out”, and Youngro cursed at him, saying, “It should be you who have to get out of here This is our dorm. You’re in our dorm, you bastard”.


However, FM Korea’s netizens who watched the broadcast left comments such as “Her voice is not comparable to Jung Hae-in’s”, “I understand because it’s Jisoo’s first drama”, “She has to practice pronunciation. Other than that, her acting skills are okay”…


Meanwhile, according to Nielsen Korea on Jan 2nd, “Snowdrop” episode 6, which aired on Jan 1st, recorded 1.9%. As such, this was a decrease of 0.9% from episode 5 (2.8%) (based on households joining paid platforms nationwide).



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