The profiler who alleged committed sex crimes has appeared in the hit drama “Signal” starring Kim Hye-soo

People are focusing their attention on the fact that Park, a famous profiler who has been embroiled in allegations of committing sex crimes against female students, has appeared in a drama starring actress Kim Hye-soo in the past.

The latest episode of SBS’ “Curious Story Y,” which aired on July 15th, raised suspicions that Park, a profiler and hypnotic expert from the National Police Agency, committed abusive acts and sex crimes against female students after creating a hypnotic association that illegally issues civilian licenses.

Sex offender allegation

In particular, A, a female student of the association run by Park, claimed, “Park, who is 19 years older than me, told me to call him oppa and demanded, ‘I want to see your chest that has a boob job, so take a picture and send it.” 

Another student, B, said, “Park called me to a motel and asked me to drink alcohol, and I lost my mind and almost got sexually assaulted. Since then, I have been called to a motel several times and he installed an application on my phone to prevent information recovery.”

Sex offender allegation

Park, along with former professor Pyo Chang-won, is known to have appeared in TV programs as a hypnotic expert. He also appeared as a hypnotic expert in the drama “Signal” starring actress Kim Hye-soo, and reportedly posted a picture taken with Kim Hye-soo on his SNS.

Sex offender allegation

Meanwhile, the police launched an inspection on Park, who operated a private civilian license without permission and issued clinical hypnotist licenses. The police also plans to investigate the allegations that he committed sex crimes against two women in vehicles and offices from 2020 to 2021.

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