BLACKPINK Jennie has an expensive phone case yet she only used it once in Paris

Fans are confused as to why Jennie only used this phone case when she was on a date with Jisoo in Paris

All 4 members of BLACKPINK have recently headed to France. Notably, 3 members Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé attended Paris Fashion Week. Every schedule of the 4 girls in France is always a trending topic on social media, quickly gaining the interest and discussion of netizens.


Previously, on October 1, the unnie-line of BLACKPINK, Jennie and Jisoo shared photos of their romantic dinner “date” on Instagram. The two even watched the sunrise together. As usual, fans pay attention to their outfits and search for the prices. In the long list of luxury items of the global ambassadors of Chanel and Dior, Jennie’s phone case unexpectedly caught the most attention.

If Jisoo brought to Paris her familiar phone case that has been seen many times, Jennie used a brand new phone case and it was used only once. Jennie used a pretty phone case with clouds printed on it during her date with Jisoo and only used it that one time.

blackpink jennie

This case is called Cloud Case and comes from the well-known brand Casetify that Jennie often uses. Perhaps because of the case’s names, she used it to go watch the sunrise with Jisoo. The phone case has many different colors and costs 65 USD.

blackpink jennie
Take a picture with the owner of the famous French brand, but Jennie did not wear the phone case
blackpink jennie
Or even when she attended Chanel’s Fashion Week event, she didn’t use it

Many netizens think that there are 2 reasons why Jennie only used the case once. First is for aesthetic reasons, she wanted to use a case that matches the color of the sky in Paris that day. The second is that she doesn’t want to use a non-Channel case when attending other events (Chanel is the brand that Jennie represents).

Source: K14

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