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Kim Jong Kook’s mother returns to “My Little Old Boy” with a healthy appearance, “I regret that I wasn’t there to cheer for my son”

Kim Jong Kook’s mother returned after taking a rest to recover her health.

The broadcast of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” on February 19th showed Kim Jong Kook’s mother returning on the show.

Kim Jong Kook mother

Shin Dong Yup said, “Welcome. I’m really happy to welcome you back. Please give a round of applause for Jong Kook’s mother”. Kim Jong Kook’s mother said, “Thank you for worrying about me. I’m healthy now.”

Seo Jang Hoon said, “What a relief. I heard you watched ‘My Little Old Boy’ every week. Did you feel regret while watching the show without your appearance?”, Kim Jong Kook’s mother replied, “There is one thing that I regret but I’m not sure if I should talk about it. I will have to reveal a special name. Is it okay?”

Kim Jong Kook mother

Shin Dong Yeop commented, “You’ve become stronger after the break”. Kim Jong Kook’s mother confessed, “Huh Kyung Hwan and my son had a competition. I wondered what if my son lost because he was nervous. Kyung Hwan competed seriously. Kyung Hwan’s mother also clapped for him at the studio. If I were sitting there, I would have applauded my son. It’s a funny story about Kyung Hwan’s mother”. Shin Dong Yup then said, “It’s a funny story but Kyung Hwan’s mother is the only person who can’t laugh”.

Kim Jong Kook mother

Source: Daum

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