BLACKPINK members shared thoughts on making comeback together after going solo

BLACKPINK shared a lot about their feelings during the press conference

On the 19th, BLACKPINK held a press conference to commemorate the release of the pre-released song “Pink Venom” from its second full-length album “Born Pink.” It’s the group’s first album to be released after about a year and 11 months since their first full album “The Album” in October 2020. “Pink Venom” is a hip-hop genre song with BLACKPINK’s unique charisma. The sound of the Korean traditional instrument Geomuno combines strong beats, captivating the ears right from the intro.


It is known that this is the MV with the highest production budget in YG’s history, attracting attention. They also cleverly added traditional Korean cultural symbols such as geomungo and sundial. The album surpassed 1.5 million pre-orders within a week of its pre-sale. The teaser content for ‘Pink Venom’, which lasted about 20 seconds, has garnered over 130 million views on YouTube alone.


On that day, Rosé said: “When I was promoting as a solo artist, I felt the vacancy of the members was huge. I learned that she depended a lot on her friends. It’s so nice. This time, I think I will be able to have more fun and be able to promote with more motivation.”

Lisa also sympathized, saying, “My solo activities were fun, but I felt empty.” Jennie added, “After promoting solo during the hiatus, I feel like I’ve grown up a lot by gathering again this time to coordinate opinions and prepare together. We talked a lot with each other as well.”

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Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will hold a “Countdown Livestream” to commemorate the release of “Pink Venom” on its official YouTube channel at 12 pm that day. The song and music video will be released at 1 pm.

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