BLACKPINK Lisa suddenly played “Red Lights Green Light” in Squid Game and collected 11 million views

Despite the fact that the film is violent, the audience laughs out loud when Lisa plays this game; little surprise her “trendy” clip has 11 million views.

Just released on September 17, the Korean Netflix drama ‘Squid Game’ has quickly become a name that attracts all attention. The genre of survival film mixed with psychology and society of ‘Squid Game’ makes the film a hot topic.


Not only that, the effect of the film after its premiere was also extremely rambunctious. Most notably, a series of humorous videos, inspired by the movie’s games, was born, creating a hot hit trend on SNS.

For example, the game “Red Light, Green Light” appears at the beginning of the film. According to the content of ‘Squid Game’, 456 players have to cross the finish line within 5 minutes but can only move when the controller of the game, here is a giant doll (also known as “little girl”) turned her head against the wall.


Anyone caught by the “little girl” moving will be killed. It’s bloody, fierce, but through the humorous perspective of netizens, the game returns to its inherent fun.

Lisa and BLACKPINK members also participated in this game but… it was thanks to the fans’ editing. Accordingly, they used some old videos of the 4 YG girls to insert into the background with the sound of the game “Red Light, Green Light”.

Since then, 4 female idols have had extremely funny videos. In particular, the video of BLACKPINK’s main dancer has reached 11 million views and 1 million hearts on TikTok.

Those who have been following BLACKPINK for a long time will not be unfamiliar with the images above. Specifically, Lisa’s image was taken from the “iconic” video of the Thai female idol in the show Knowing Brothers, when she performed a witty crab dance. Up to now, this exciting performance has garnered 91 million views.

The images in BLACKPINK’s video are taken from the dance performance video “How You Like That”, which was released on July 7, 2020. Up to now, the clip has earned more than 853 million views on YouTube.

TikTokers also used the movie’s background to imagine themselves on the battlefield. They will move silently as the “small girl” hums the haunting rhyme. When the female turned her head and glanced around, they would stand still and strike 1001 hilarious postures.

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