BTS V spent happy times with his pet dog Yeontan, showing his “affectionate daddy Kim Tae-hyung mode”

BTS V drew attention as he revealed his recent status together with his pet dog Yeontan.

On January 14th, V uploaded a video on Instagram Story. In the released video, he added some texts, which are his real name “Kim Tae-hyung” and his dog’s name “Kim Yeontan”. V’s dog Yeontan showed off some personal skills, such as reaching out to V’s hands or making high fives.

bts v

In particular, V used his mouth to give Yeontan some snacks while making eye contact, showing a lot of affection towards his pet.

bts v

The video ended with V and Yeontan looking at the camera together. Sharing his realistic daily life moments, V fluttered the hearts of all his fans once again.

bts v

Netizens who saw this video left various reactions, such as, “The way he makes eye contact with his dog is so healing”, “Both are so cute and handsome”, “This is so heart-fluttering”, “I’m melted”, “This hurts my heart”, “Both are angels”.

Meanwhile, V released the OST “Christmas Tree” for SBS’s drama “Our Beloved Summer” starring actor Choi Woo-sik, who is his best friend. “Christmas Tree” became the first Korean OST to rank No.1 in Spotify’s ‘Top Songs Debut Global’ Chart. 


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