Yang Hyun Suk ruined his own group just because he fell in love with a girl

Because of his deep love for his wife, Yang Hyun Suk abandoned the group he worked hard to create. Netizens have given mixed opinions to this love story.

As one of the three “big bosses” that make up the strong Big 3 empire of K-pop, Yang Hyun Suk is the powerful CEO that is well known by every Kpop fan. He launched many famous idol groups such as BIGBANG, 2NE1 or BLACKPINK. Behind his cold, distant look, few people know that he has a romantic love story with his wife who is 12 years younger than him.

Yang Hyun Suk wife
The girl who captivated the heart of the cold CEO of YG Ent.

As a guest on SBS’s Healing Camp, Yang Hyun Suk revealed his relationship with his wife, Lee Eun Joo. This is not an unfamiliar name because Lee Eun Joo used to be an idol. Yang CEO fell in love at first sight when he saw his wife on TV.

Yang Hyun Suk wife
Eun Joo is Yang Hyun Suk’s ideal type. He shared that he likes small and cute girls.

When Lee Jae Jin, a member of the group Sechskies was giving a house tour for a variety show, the camera briefly captured his sister Lee Eun Joo. Unexpectedly, fate arranged for Yang Hyun Suk to catch that short glimpse of her. At that time, Eun Joo was only a sophomore in high school.

A year later, the two met again as YG’s CEO and trainee. After a period of training, Eun Joo debuted in the girl group Swi.T.

Yang Hyun Suk wife
Swi.T used to be a girl group under YG

However, this was probably the first time CEO Yang didn’t want his idol group to succeed and deliberately ignored the group. Yang Hyun Suk was afraid that the girl he fell in love with would become popular.

He shared: “My heart and my mind were fighting. I didn’t know what to do as the company’s CEO, nor as a man. It was hard to ask her to be with me. I was afraid she wouldn’t see me as a man.”

Yang Hyun Suk wife
Yang CEO was secretly in love with his wife for 3 years before they got together

Yang Hyun Suk finally had the courage to confess to Lee Eun Joo. However, because she was taken aback and thought the CEO was joking, Eun Joo refused. The former CEO of YG continued, “I talked to Eun Joo on the phone for two hours, convincing her that my feelings were sincere.” Eventually, the two had secretly dated for 9 years before getting married without a wedding ceremony in 2010. After that, due to the lack of support, Swi.T had to disband.

Yang Hyun Suk wife
Because he did not want to wear a formal tux and stand in front of others, Yang Hyun Suk did not hold a wedding ceremony.

Currently, Yang Hyun Suk is living happily with his family. He also especially tattooed his wife and daughter’s name on his arm to show his love for them. Despite being the strict boss at the company, when he comes home, Yang Hyun Suk is a sweet husband who helps his wife with housework. “I do the housework when I’m at home. You may not believe it, but I cook and wash the dishes every day to help my wife. This is nothing to be ashamed of” – Yang Hyun Suk revealed.

The romantic love story of Yang Hyun Suk and his wife seems to only exist in a fairy tale. However, many netizens claim that Yang Hyun Suk was too selfish. Due to his personal feelings, the dreams and careers of other talented girls were ruined. The other two members of his wife’s group deserved better.

This happened a long time ago, but many netizens still mention it from time to time. Regardless of the controversies, it is undeniable that Yang Hyun Suk and his wife are living a happy life.


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