Bobby’s (iKON) rumored girlfriend gains netizens’ attention, is she the male idol’s 8-month pregnant fiancée?

Bobby’s (iKON)’s 8-month pregnant fiancée has become a topic of discussion among netizens.

Today (August 20), Kpop fans were surprised by the sudden news that Bobby (iKON) is getting married and having a baby in September. The male idol posted a handwritten letter on his Instagram, directly announcing the big news to his fans.

Immediately, many netizens were curious about the identity of the girl who got Bobby’s heart. During his career, the male idol was never dating in public, but has been involved in dating rumors with a girl. This girl’s name is Lee Seo Yoon, a model and the attractive female lead in Mino‘s (WINNER) Body MV.  Bobby and Lee Seo Yoon have had many suspicious dating hints over the years, making people doubtful whether she is Bobby’s fiancée.

Bobby and Lee Seo Yoon have been rumored to be dating for years
Lee Seo Yoon is extremely pretty
Bobby’s rumored partner, whose full name is Seoyoon Lee Carpentier Latour, is the sexy female lead in Mino’s Body MV…
She’s also a model with a hot body figure
In the event of Bobby’s solo album Love And Fall’s release in 2017, Lee Seo Yoon was also present.  At the event, the female model stood up when Bobby shouted, “The prettiest person here stands up”. After that, the male idol reportedly mentioned that Lee Seo Yoon is his ideal type.
In 2019, netizens discovered that Lee Seo Yoon was wearing the exact same shirt as the one given to Bobby by fans. There were also many rumors that the female model often appeared in Japan, near the place where iKON held concerts, but the couple did not speak up on any of these rumors.

However, on Lee Seo Yoon’s Instagram, she still shares photos showing off her tiny waist, so it is unlikely that she is 8-month pregnant. This has confused netizens. Many believe that Bobby’s fiancée is someone else, while others remain skeptical.

On her Instagram, just a few days ago, Lee Seo Yoon was still sharing photos showing off her tiny waist
The female model’s belly doesn’t look like she’s pregnant
These images are confusing netizens, don’t know who is Bobby’s fiancee

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