A rapper is under investigation by the police for “illegal shooting” a female model

A rapper, who is said to have recently applied for a hiphop competition on cable TV channel, was suspected to have installed a camera (action camera type) inside the changing room of female actresses to film videos illegally and was summoned by the police.

According to CBS No Cut News on August 4, Rapper A (34 years old) is under police investigation for being suspected of violating special acts such as sexual harassment using cameras.

A is suspected to have secretly placed a small camera, which is used especially for filming movies, inside the dressing room of two 20-year-old actresses while filming a MV at Resort B on Jeju Island in June last year. At the time of the incident, A was serving as a security guard for a security company and he is known to have changed to work as a bank officer until July this year.

A rapper is under investigation by the police for “illegal shooting” a female model

In the video, A was checked on the camera in front of the mirror while talking to a female model. The total length of the video is about one and a half hours, including scene when the models were changing their clothes.

Model C, the victim said “The models used the space where the camera was placed to change their clothes and the shower area next to them was used as the changing room also.”

The MV producer and editor, who in charge of MV filming, checked the cameras and found something suspicious. Then in Febuary this year, he reported to the Gangbuk Police Station in Seoul that A violated special laws including sexual harassment using cameras.

The producer said to the CBS No Cut News “While checking the old footages I found the scene when A secretly installed the camera”. The producer explained that at that time, he gave A the camera to film a “self-cam” but A used it for filming illegal videos.

A rapper is under investigation by the police for “illegal shooting” a female model

“When I first found the camera, it was covered in a towel”, he said. The producer also added that before he brought the camera back to Seoul, he had a quarrel with A because A insisted on clearing the memory of the filming footages shooted in Jeju. The producer also said “A fighted himself in order to secure the video footage”

In April this year, the Seogwipo Police Station in Jeju was handed the sex crime case from Gangbuk Police Station. In June, it was sent to the prosecution with no detention on charge of violating special act such as sexual harassment using cameras. A police officer said “Considering the video evidence and the relationship of the producer and A, we claim that there is nothing to suspect.”

A denied his allegation. He said “I just placed the camera accidentally but how could it be called illegal filming”. He also added “I never intended to film illegally and never asked for special camera equipped either.”. He included “The place where the camera was installed was not the dressing room for female models”

A rapper is under investigation by the police for “illegal shooting” a female model

Meanwhile, on the 6th of last month, the case was transferred from the Jeju District Prosecutors Office to the Eastern District Prosecutors Office and the Eastern District Prosecutors Office requested an investigation in supplement. A police at Songpa Police Station in Seoul, who in charge of the investigation, said “We received the request for supplementary investigation by the prosecution on July 14 and we will investigate then hand it over.”

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