Actress Lee Ho Jung shared her thoughts about playing a lesbian character

Lee Ho Jung is gaining popularity by creating a lesbian couple, SolJiwan, with Ji Wan (Yoon Seo Ah) in the movie “Nevertheless”.

Lee Ho Jung played the role of Yoon Sol in JTBC’s Saturday drama “Nevertheless” which ended on August 21. She received many compliments for having depicted the mature inner personality of her character successfully.

In the drama, the actress portrayed the complex emotional changes in the process of Yoon Sol’s developing the relationship with her close friend Ji Wan. The couple “SolJiwan” (Yoon Sol and Ji Wan) was created and became famous, adding a distinct color to the movie.

Moreover, her low-pitched voice made her character, Yoon Sol, become more attractive.

After the movie ended, she has shown her further growth as an actress. She revealed her feelings through a behind interview posted by her company, YG Entertainment.

Q: How do you feel when the movie has finally ended?

Lee Ho Jung: The movie ended sooner than I thought. I’ve prepared a lot to play the role of the kind-hearted Yoon Sol, so I’m happy that I delivered the character’s emotions well.

Q: How do you feel about playing the role of Yoon Sol?

Lee Ho Jung: I’m happy with that. I fell in love with my own character while I was preparing for the role. I really wanted to depicts the charisma of Sol. I think Yoon Sol is a new turning point in my acting career.

Q: What are the things that you focus on while playing Yoon Sol?

Lee Ho Jung: I thought a lot to figure out how to portray Sol. Since Sol is a reserved girl. She hardly speaks her mind, so I focused on every word of the line and made her words became more powerful.

Q: What were the reactions of people around you about Yoon Sol?

Lee Ho Jung: I think they like Sol more than myself. Sometimes they jokingly told me to act some line as if I were Sol. I feel grateful that many people love my character.

Q: Many actors were the same age as you. How was the atmosphere at the shooting sets?

Lee Ho Jung: They were all really friendly, and we laughed a lot. Because we are the same age, so we talked and learned a lot from each other.

Q: How was your relationship with actress Yoon Seo Ah?

Lee Ho Jung: I and Seo Ah really wanted to portray our characters well. We worried a lot about how to depict the relationship of Sol and Ji Wan as a lesbian couple without being hated. So even when we didn’t shoot together, we arranged the time to meet and practice the lines. We tried to work together and became closer. Seo Ah is a lovely friend, and I’m thankful that she had played Ji Wan so well.

Q: Is there any behind-the-story that you would like to tell?

Lee Ho Jung: I remembered the confession scene in the 7th episode the most. Both of us were really nervous while filming that scene.

Q: Did you gain anything from this movie?

Lee Ho Jung: I gained more friends; that’s the most precious thing. I’m thankful that I was able to work with many great people.

Q: Have you planned anything for your future activities?

Lee Ho Jung: “Hostage”, another film that I acted in, has just been released. I hope people will love it. Moreover, I’m filming a new drama called “Jinx’s Lover”. I hope I see the viewers in many good movies in the future.

Q: Last words for the audiences who loved “Nevertheless”

Lee Ho Jung: Thank you for giving me so much love, and thank you for loving and supporting Yoon Sol and Ji Wan. Please looking forward to me, Lee Ho Jung. Thank you!


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