BLACKPINK Jisoo’s exercise and diet: tips for a fit and healthy body 

BLACKPINK Jisoo shares her exercise routines and diet tips for a hot body. 

On July 3, BLACKPINK Jisoo is confirmed to be dating male star Ahn Bo Hyun. The couple receives immense support from fans. To them, the couple is a ten out of ten, owning impeccable visual along with attractive physiques. 

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Strict exercise routine to maintain a perfect form 

To have a desirable physique and maintain it throughout the years, Jisoo maintains a strict exercise regime, ranging from dancing to yoga and pilates. 

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Jisoo spends two hours a day on dance practice. It helps burn fat and calories in her body, showing fast results in little time.

Apart from dance practices, Jisoo also takes up aerial yoga to enhance her body flexibility. This form of exercise requires strong arm and core strength to keep balance.

In recent years, Jisoo has also opted for pilates to relax her muscles and increase her body flexibility. Instead of going to the gym and bulking up, pilates helps Jisoo gain a slender physique. 

The idol’s rigorous diet to maintain physique 

The BLACKPINK member shares she drinks 8 cups of water a day every 2 hours to ensure smooth metabolism. By drinking water regularly, the idol can maintain her weight and overall fitness.

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To control her food intake, Jisoo separates her meals into small portions. The idol only eats small bites of food from every dish to reduce calorie intake. Jisoo shares she focuses on fruits and greens in the morning and at night only eats protein and starch at noon. 

She eats an apple for breakfast and other low-sugar fruits for dinner. This diet helps the idol maintain clear and smooth skin for the idol as the fruits contain healthy vitamins. Because apple lowers one’s appetite, one will feel less hungry and reduces the need for more energy. 

Source: cosmopolitan 

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