MAMAMOO’s Wheein had a heartwarming reaction when she found out Hwasa had a boyfriend 

Upon knowing her best friend was dating someone, Wheein could not hold back her tears of joy. 

When you find out your best friend is dating somebody, what is your reaction? Here is an adorable story of how MAMAMOO’s Wheein reacted when Hwasa told her that she got a boyfriend. 

During their guest appearance on tvN’s show “Mix Clip“, Hwasa revealed that Wheein once shed tears when she knew Hwasa was in a relationship. Wheein then explained that those were not tears of sadness or jealousy. She naturally cried because she was so happy for Hwasa, who was finally able to be in a reciprocal relationship. “Hwasa was always in an unrequited relationship. She opened up to me a lot and I used to tell her to not give up and that she would succeed some day. So when she suddenly told me she was dating someone, I was smiling but couldn’t help crying. It’s because I felt so happy for her,” Wheein said. 

Knowing Hwasa was dating, Wheein shed tears of joy 

Hwasa also added that the reason Wheein was so worried about her was because she had been deeply hurt in a past relationship, “The scar left from my previous relationship was deeply ingrained in me, so Wheein felt very worried about me. She always comforted me that everything would be okay. That time, I thought I would regret losing him, so I told Wheein. She cried after listening to what I said,” Hwasa confided.

Having been best friends for more than a decade, Wheein and Hwasa’s friendship is admirable 

Hwasa and Wheein have been best friends since they went to the same middle school. So far they have known each other for more than 10 years. Because of the same passion for singing, the two decided to leave their hometown Jeonju to Seoul to pursue their dream of becoming idols. In 2014, Wheein and Hwasa successfully debuted as members of MAMAMOO

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