Kim Min Kyu in each role: Secretary Cha in A Business Proposal has the best image?

With each character, Kim Min Kyu shows viewers a different side of him.

Kim Min Kyu is currently a name that is welcomed and interested in by many netizens. The 1994-born actor appeared in a series of hit dramas such as School 2015, Signal, Snowdrop and recently A Business Proposal. Let’s see how Kim Min Kyu changes with every role he has played!

Kim Min Kyu made his debut in Mnet’s drama Monstar (2013) as a cameo. But it was not until he played a supporting role in School 2015, that he officially debuted as an actor.

Besides, Min Kyu also starred in many other film projects such as Signal, Because This is My First Life, Queen: Love and War, Convenience Store Saet Byul, etc. In 2018, the actor was nominated for the Best New Actor category of the MBC Drama Awards.

In Snowdrop, Kim Min Kyu also surprised viewers with a makeover in appearance. No longer the usual student, gentle look, he transformed into a thorny, hot-tempered, grumpy Geok Chan.

Recently, with the role of Cha Sung Hoon, the secretary of Director Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop), he once again caused a fever on social networks with his handsome beauty and delicate acting in the A Business Proposal. If Ahn Hyo Seop in the drama is the cold Moon, then Kim Min Kyu is the shining Sun with his trademark of the both elegant and gentle dimpled smile.

With every character, Kim Min Kyu always makes viewers flutter because of his attractive appearance. More importantly, the actor wins the hearts of audiences of all ages with his diverse, delicate and emotional acting.

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