She called her manager with a finger snap”… fromis_9’s Roh Ji-sun sparks controversy over power abusing her staff?

fromis_9 member Roh Ji-sun is being criticized for her bad attitude toward her manager. The way Roh Ji-sun called her manager is controversial.

On July 26th, a video of Roh Ji-sun calling her manager with finger snaps at a baseball stadium recently spread on Youtube and online communities.

The video was taken after a recent event at Gocheok Sky Dome. fromis_9 members were invited as the first pitcher and batter and they watched the game from the audience seats. Then the scene where Roh Ji-sun called her manager with a finger snap and ordered something was caught on the camera.

In response to the video, netizens gave mixed opinions. 

The finger snap is used to call servants during the time the system based on social status existed and this gesture can be considered rude and insulting, especially in Western countries. Netizens commented, “Is she looking down on her manager?”, “There were a lot of people around but her attitude made me feel so disappointed”, etc.

Some argued that the action could be acceptable between people with close relationships. Many people also pointed out that Roh Ji-sun should be wary of broad interpretations, such as disrespecting managers, that might be caused by certain actions.

Meanwhile, fromis_9 is an idol group that debuted through Mnet’s audition program “Idol School”. The girl group made their official debut by releasing their 1st mini album “To. Heart” on January 2018.

Source: nate

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