BLACKPINK Jisoo puts on first “FLOWER” live stage in the BORN PINK World Tour in Japan D-1 

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s first live stage was a memorable experience for fans. 

On April 8th, BLACKPINK Jisoo performed a live stage for “FLOWER” in the “BORN PINK” World Tour in Japan D-1. Jisoo brought her best performance to this first live stage. The present audience praised the singer for a stable singing voice and captivating choreography. 

Jisoo put on a captivating performance for “BORN PINK” 

The idol left viewers breathless with her beauty 

After viewing the performance, netizens gave a round of applause for Jisoo’s live stage. They praise her the idol for a melodic voice that touched listeners. 


BLACKPINK performed the choreography of “FLOWER” 


Jennie made a cute expression when she suddenly forgot a dance move 

Other BLACKPINK members showed their support by doing the choreography to “FLOWER.” While doing the dance routine, Jennie forgot a part and made a cute expression. Fans immediately fell in love with the idol’s adorable image. 


BLACKPINK performed “FLOWER” to end their concert show 

To wrap up the Tokyo Dome BORN PINK D-1, BLACKPINK danced to “FLOWER” one more time. The group had their fun performing the stage. Jisoo could not hide her happiness when she received an immense support from other BLACKPINK members. 

Source: K14 

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