BLACKPINK Jisoo is “cultivating this side of her artistry” that leads to “a creative blossoming” with her solo album “ME”, comment the Rolling Stone and NME 

“Flower” by BLACKPINK Jisoo gains acclaim from the Rolling Stone and NME. 

BLACKPINK Jisoo made her official solo debut on March 31st. After one day, the singer received favorable reviews from two of the most credible music websites; namely, the Rolling Stone and NME. NME ranked the album 4 out of 5 stars. 


Specifically, the album is remarked to be a brilliant combination of elements of modern music while maintaining a traditional sound to the tracks. As NME puts it, the song “[managed] to mix elegance with inventiveness and elements of modern production with more traditional sounding sonics.”

Rolling Stone commented that “Flower” is “a sophisticated track with a staccato” that carries with it “Latin-tinged melody and Caribbean-inspired percussion.” On the sweeping chorus, JIisoo showcased the best of her vocal ability. 


“Flower” is Jisoo’s opportunity to discover her artistic self and showcase her artistry. As the singer embarks on her solo career, fans can have a closer and clearer look at Jisoo as a soloist.

Gaining recognition from the highly trusted music magazines marks the first milestone in Jisoo’s career as a soloist. “ME” promises to bring further success that will cement Jisoo’s position in the industry. 

Source: Rolling Stone, NME 

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