Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo to form a real loveline on Running Man, “He’s making my heart flutter”

It seems like Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo have become too immersed in their new loveline on “Running Man”

During the October 10th broadcast of SBS ‘Running Man‘, the cast played a game in which they received some questions from the viewers that could make them feel hard to give an answer. If they admitted to what was stated, they would get 1 point per question.

On this day, when was asked “Song Ji-hyo is so cute that I think I’m gonna die“, Kim Jong-kook made an unbearable expression and said “Oh my!

Haha said “Isn’t Ji Suk-jin hyung cute? You can just admit Song Ji-hyo is cute like this.” then Kim Jong-kook replied “Yes, she’s cute. She’s chubby and cute. Everything she does is cute, too. I was really surprised when she danced to Rollin’. Why has she gotten cuter recently?”

Upon hearing this, Song Ji-hyo made people laugh by her cute response “You’re totally into me, aren’t you?

After that, the PD read the next question, “I’ve actually dated a cast member I met in an entertainment show“. As a result, Kim Jong-kook got angry and said, “Thoughts is not important. Shouldn’t we talk about facts?”. Yoo Jae-suk even mentioned Yoon Eun-hye, “Did you ask (Yoon) Eun-hye out?“. Eventually, Kim Jong-kook picked up the sign saying “NO Admit”.

When it was Song Ji-hyo’s turn, the production team gave her this question, “My ideal type is Kim Jong-kook, and Kim Jong Kook is really making my heart flutter.

Song Ji-hyo answered ‘Admit’, then explained “He’s dependable; he takes good care of me and also east well.

Kim Jong-kook wanted to listen to more reasons why she feels fluttered, but Yoo Jae-suk – who was watching the two – stopped him by saying “Call her if you want to know more.” Then, Song Ji-hyo winked at Kim Jong-kook and said, “I’ll call you.”

Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo’s loveline has been on the rise recently. On a broadcast last month, the production team informed the viewers, “Song Ji-hyo said in her interview that she’s going to accept the loveline with Kim Jong-kook.” Kim Jong-kook reacted “Are you going to accept it?“. Seeing this, Haha was surprised and he said “You passed Ji-hyo’s audition.” Jeon So-min also congratulated him “Wow, after 10 years.

Song Ji-hyo confessed that people around her supported the loveline with Kim Jong-kook. She shared, “I will accept this loveline. People around me said that they liked it, but I think I also want it myself.

Sources: daum

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