Yoona reveals friendship grip toks, not matched with Girls’ Generation members

Singer and actress Yoona, who debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation, revealed the secret behind her phone’s grip tok.

On April 28th, a video titled “Today, I’m eating properly on my day off. Jeju Island business trip Vlog” was uploaded to Yoona’s YouTube channel, “Yoona’s So Wonderful Day”.


In particular, Yoona started the video by heading to a restaurant with her staff and saying, “I’m currently shooting in Jeju, and today I have a day off. So, I’m going to get something good. The weather is so nice.”

The idol-actress then began her “eating show”, where she filled her stomach with Jeju’s black pork, yeolmu noodles (cold noodles with young radish), and rice. She also drank coffee and ate twisted doughnuts.

While waiting for the twisted doughnut to be packaged, Yoona pointed to her grip tok and asked, “Isn’t it cute?” 

She then revealed that the grip tok is a friendship gift from her co-star in “King the Land”, saying, “One of my three musketeers, Ga Eun got it for me, as a trio with Won Hee too. Mine is wearing a hair pin, Won Hee’s has a flower, while Ga Eun’s has bangs.”

Meanwhile, Yoona is set to appear in the JTBC drama “King the Land”, which premieres in June. The drama features actor Lee Jun Ho and Ahn Se Ha, as well as actresses Kim Ga Eun and Go Won Hee, among others. 

Source: Naver

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