“Congratulations”, Suzy surprised at Hong Jin Kyung’s comment when meeting her in person for the first time

Broadcaster Hong Jin Kyung was impressed by the real-life visual of Suzy, an actress and former member of girl group Miss A.

On January 6th, a video titled “[That person’s song] Suzy – ‘I got lucky’” was uploaded on the Youtube channel of Hong Jin Kyung.

In the video, Suzy sang her favorite song “I got lucky” by Kwon Jin Ah and her new song “Cape”.

A short conversation between Hong Jin Kyung and Suzy was also revealed. Hong Jin Kyung honestly confessed, “I recently met many people. But it’s been a long time since I met someone with such a pretty face like you. I was flustered”. She added, “You must be really happy”, drawing laughter.


When Hong Jin Kyung suddenly said, “Congratulations”, Suzy looked confused. Hong Jin Kyung continued, “For being born with that (pretty face)”, making Suzy laugh.


Suzy is currently filming Netflix’s original series “Doona!” in which she plays the main character Lee Doo Na. “Lee Doo Na!” is a webtoon-based drama and it tells the story of Lee Doo Na, an idol who decides to retire, and Lee Won Joon, a college freshman, living in a share house.


Source: wikitree

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