YG and MAMA 2022 officially reunited for a night of splendid performances and surprise

The presence of YG idols and artists marks a new chapter in their relationship. 

MAMA 2022
MAMA 2022 became more hyped with the participation of YG idols. (Image: MAMA) 

Ever since 2015, the relationship between YG and Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) started to get more strained which resulted in the absence of YG artists at the MAMA. The lack of agreement and MAMA’s mistreatment of YG idols only prolonged the issue. 

In 2020, MAMA announced to be in promising talks with YG and successfully inviting TREASURE to the event. Two years later, the appearance of YG idols and artists was a clear indicator the two sides made up. 

Blackpink thumbnail
From 2020, YG and MAMA’s relationship became more friendly. (Image: MAMA) 

MAMA 2022 grew more exciting now that YG artists were involved in the performance. Somi took the spotlight as the host of the award show and stunned the public by bringing 7 different outfits to the event. 

Jeon Somi
Somi left fans and the audience breathless at the MAMA 2022. (Image: Naver) 
jeon somi mama 2022
The idol carried 7 outfits with her as the host of the show. (image: MAMA) 
jeon somi mama 2022
Each outfit was stunning on their own. (Image: MAMA) 

Apart from being the MC, Somi also took charge of the opening stage alongside YGX and YG dancer Lee Jung to perform the nominated songs at the award. 

Lee Jung-Somi
Lee Jung, Somi and YGX had a fiery opening stage. (Image: MAMA) 
Lee Jung
Lee Jung and YGX performed BLACKPINK’s choreography smoothly. (Image: MAMA)
YG’S TREASURE showed their strong support for the seniors at the company. (Image: MAMA) 

YG took over the central stage to bring out the most spectacular performances of the night and TREASURE also contributed their part with colorful performances. Moreover, the male group also received the “Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10”. 

treasure mama 2022
TREASURE won the “Fans’ Choice” Award at MAMA 2022. (Image: MAMA) 

Notably, BLACKPINK surprised the audience by making an appearance through an interview with MAMA, especially after a long and difficult relationship between their company and the award show. BLACKPINK also won the Best Female Artist award and Best Music Video award (Pink Venom) although they did not attend the award ceremony, which surprised the group’s fans.

BLACKPINK joined the interview by MAMA. (Image: MAMA) 
The members appeared with natural looks. (Image: MAMA) 
BLACKPINK made it into the top 10 of “Worldwide Fans’ Choice” Award. (Image: MAMA) 
BLACKPINK won Best Female Award
and Best Music Video award

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