BLACKPINK Jennie releases new “The Idol” behind-the-scenes photos – fans express regrets  

BLACKPINK Jennie’s recent post evokes regrets from fans about the idol’s first acting project. 

Recently, BLACKPINK Jennie uploaded several photos from behind the scenes of “The Idol”. In the images, Jennie was seen in candid shots of her drinking water and reading the show’s script. In one photo, Jennie happily posed with the trailer with her name on it.  

Jennie shared her favorite moments behind the scenes 

The post quickly gained attention, garnering 5.4 million “heart” reactions after one day. While the idol smiled blissfully in her first acting challenge, fans regretted her decision to join the project. 

In the photo of her reading the script, netizens noticed it was only a few pages long. They recalled, during the initial promotion, Jennie was said to be the star of the show who could draw viewers in; however, when the show aired, she did not have as much screen time as expected. 


On Reddit, fans are voicing their sympathy for Jennie and criticism toward the showrunners behind “The Idol”: 

  • They needed more Dyanne-Jocelyn and lesser of whatever “The Idol” is;
  • I was so excited to see her in a “mainstream” American show but it was truly the most pointless waste of film and talent for all the big names that somehow got attached to it lmao. Hopefully, this doesn’t put her off of more TV and movie work. They really gave her nothing to work with; 
  • Honestly, I wish Jennie had picked a better project, ’cause she slayed all the vaguely actual idol-ish parts with the dancing and singing… I did like what she did with episode 4 and emoted without dialogue. Also, her delivery in episode 5 was so cute, ’cause her accent was more prominent in that scene. Hated the show overall, but I’m always down for more Jennie content. And the music was alright.
Jennie reading a script with a only few pages

Jennie plays Dyanne, the backup dancer and best friend to the pop star Jocely in “The Idol.” In the first three episodes, Jennie was embroiled in controversies for doing suggestive and explicit choreographies with male dancers. Nonetheless, in episode 4, the BLACKPINK main rapper got the chance to showcase her acting in-depth and partly redeemed her image. Yet, her talent remains only as a potential when the series abruptly ended in episode 5, where Jennie only appeared for a split second and never got the chance to show more of her acting. 

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