American magazine VARIETY: “BLACKPINK devoted attention to dancing but left little room for singing”

A famous U.S. magazine criticized girl group “BLACKPINK”. The reason is that they lip-synced at the “2022 MTV Video Music Awards” (hereinafter referred to as “VMA”).

The U.S. weekly magazine “VARIETY” picked the best and worst moments of “VMA” on August 28th (local time).

On this day, VARIETY chose “Lip-Sync Snafus” as the worst. They emphasized, “It seems at this year’s awards, the most conspicuous blunder was the obvious lip-syncing.”


Referring to BLACKPINK, singers Anitta and Flo Milli as the main culprits of lip-syncing, VARIETY pointed out, “They devoted attention to their killer dance routines but left little room for the actual singing.”


In fact, BLACKPINK is known to have performed with AR, not MR. They sang live on top of AR. On the other hand, other singers presented live performances with MR.


Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “I thought it was live”, “No wonder sound and mouth shape were sometimes different” and “It’s more comfortable to perform live with AR rather than MR.”

On the other hand, other netizens left comments such as “It would have been better if they had sung live with MR on such a global stage”, “BLACKPINK often uses AR on domestic stages” and “There are many singers who use AR besides those singers.”

Source: wikitree

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