BLACKPINK’s Jisoo reveals the compliment she wants to hear for the rest of her life 

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo showed off her charm with unpretentious honesty.

On January 31st, fashion and lifestyle magazine GQ KOREA posted a video of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo playing the balance game on its YouTube channel.

GQ wrote in the description, “What is the compliment that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo wants to hear for the rest of his life?  What is Jisoo’s favorite place to go with Jennie during the world tour? Jisoo and GQ’s balance game!  It will be released on GQ KOREA’s YouTube channel on February 3rd at 6pm.”

In the video, Jisoo showed off her beauty with sophisticated eye makeup and jade-like fair skin. In the balance game, she chose “Take 100 pictures for others” between “Take 100 pictures for others” and “Being taken 100 pictures”.

As for the reason, Jisoo explained, “I feel more joy when I take pictures of others. That’s why everyone wants to be photographed by me.”


Next, Jisoo showed honesty by choosing “You are really pretty” between “You are really pretty” and “You are really funny” when asked about which compliment she wanted to hear for the rest of her life. 

Jisoo said, “Because it can be difficult to hear that you are pretty for the rest of your life.”

Jisoo pondered for a while when asked if “ㅡㅡ” or “ㅋ” is more intolerable. She smiled and said, “I hate both ㅡㅡ and ㅋ”.

In addition, on February 1st, Jisoo posted a video titled “COLOGNE vlog” on her YouTube channel “Happiness Index 103%”.

The video is a vlog filmed after BLACKPINK’s Cologne concert in Germany last December. Jisoo hung out to celebrate the end of the year in Cologne with Lisa with a bare face without makeup.

Jisoo and Lisa ate fries and had hot drinks at the market, enjoying the Christmas atmosphere together. Attracted to shops all over the street, she was no different from ordinary girls of her age.


Meanwhile, BLACKPINK was listed in Guinness World Records as the first female K-pop artist to reach 1st place on the UK and US album charts with their 2nd full album “BORN PINK”. 


BLACKPINK sold 2,141,281 copies and became the first K-pop girl group to become a double million seller.

Source: Daum

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