BIGBANG and BTS: 2 Different Generations with Surprising Similarities

Although they debuted in two different eras, BIGBANG and BTS have many things in common that stunned their fans.

BTS is currently K-Pop’s top boy group that receives warm welcome not only from fans but also from radio stations, award ceremonies and a variety of colleagues in the music industry. BTS’s popularity has somehow made many fans refer them to the group’s legendary senior, BIGBANG, which is why BTS is often called “BIGBANG inheritor” by many Kpop fans.

First days in the K-Biz

BIGBANG is the first boy group created by YG Entertainment; also they have been the most successful group in YG so far. Back in these days, the concept “Big3” didn’t exist because YG wasn’t a big name in the industry.

Bigbang debut

When the five members debuted, they were constantly neglected as they didn’t have the flower-boy appearance nor a stable image or concept. Everything BIGBANG promised was to produce music with exceptional quality. However, with the “idols must be handsome” stereotype that netizens had, BIGBANG was expected to be a failure.

BTS was in a worse condition. The seven members debuted when Big Hit Entertainment almost went bankrupt due to debts. Bang PD himself also didn’t expect anything from BTS’s debut either.

BTS debut

Because they came from a small agency, BTS wasn’t highly rated by netizens. They didn’t have fancy clothing nor were they affordable to take care of their looks. That day, the seven young boys from different backgrounds debuted under the hate of netizens.

The similarity in career orientation

In the midst of dance and pop trends in Asia, BIGBANG pursued hip-hop, which is a picky concept in K-pop as well as in Asia in general. However, BIGBANG has really conquered this challenge after all. BIGBANG’s fashion style is also influenced by hip-hop. Although not following the trends, BIGBANG’s songs are still popular. The group’s concert is one of the favorite places that other artists love to come to, and they are well-loved by both fanboys and fangirls.

On BTS’s side, Big Hit’s boygroup is also in favor of hip-hop. Though they are an idol group, BTS is very strong in terms of music. Their songs often have strong rhythms with rap parts full of personality. Both groups have a very different character from the rest of the idols, which is the clear distinction between rapper-line and vocal-line. No one in BIGBANG and BTS really has to “take responsible” for the group on his own, and netizens never say anything like a member has to depend on the others, because it never happens.

Strong music production

It can be seen that BIGBANG is a very strong group in music production. Almost every album of theirs has the participation of the members in writing lyrics and composing. As a result, BIGBANG‘s songs always have different colours from other idol groups of the same time.
Big Bang takes care of their group’s products very well

Big Bang fans are extremely angry at YG’s decision because they always support all the five members.

It’s also something that BTS has in common with their senior. Right from the beginning, BTS has proved their ability to compose and produce their own music. This is different from most other idols, who are often criticized as “music blind” so they have their agency producing their music. BTS also succeeded in integrating the grotesque reality that the group has experienced through their own melody and lyrics.
BTS‘s music touches the KPOP fans with their sincerity

BTS’s First Dome Tour in Japan with 380 thousand fans.
BTS’s First Dome Tour in Japan with 380 thousand fans.

BTS‘s albums always have a certain theme, normally the story of youth, reflections on love, relationships between people, social issues, etc. In particular, BTS‘s rapper-line is very fond of diss tracks. Both BIGBANG and BTS are gradually breaking their stereotypes about idol groups, conquering the public in the country and around the world through passion for music, hard work and the attitude of not giving up.

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