From Times Square billboard advertisements to blood donation campaign, ARMYs show amazing support for BTS Jungkook’s birthday

On the occasion of BTS Jungkook’s birthday (September 1), fans are conducting special projects to show their support.

Jungkook‘s fan account “AlwaysJK” will be holding a project to celebrate his birthday by playing advertisements on an electronic screen at Times Square in New York. ‘AlwaysJK’ will air Jungkook’s birthday ad on Times Square billboard 24 hours a day for a week from August 29 to September 4. The video includes affectionate phrases such as ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNGKOOK‘ and ‘I WILL ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE‘ and Jungkook’s wonderful appearance.

Jungkook’s Filipino fan base ‘Jungkook Philippines’ will support the birthday with donation activities with ‘Strays Worth Saving’, a charity that helps stray animals, from August 9 to May 31 8. Jungkook is raising a Doberman named ‘Gureum’, so it has become more of meaningful support.

In addition, “Jungkook Philippines” will send Jungkook’s birthday advertisement on Instagram on September 1st (KST).

In addition, on the 13th, the Philippine Red Cross, along with fan account BFM Cookiebunnis, released a meaningful announcement that they organized a “blood donation campaign” in the name of Jeon Jung-kook at the PRC Blood Center. The Philippine Red Cross gave warmth by adding that Jungkook’s fans prepared lunches, drinks, and chocolate bars for blood donors.

In addition, fan account “Golden Jungkook Universe” will send a birthday advertisement, “HAPPY JK DAY“, to Jungkook at Hapjeong subway station, Seoul for one month from August 15 to 12. September.

Chinese fan club “Jungkook China” will hold its first and biggest support of all time by sending Jungkook’s birthday advertisement on a total of 16,508 LED screens on subways nationwide.

Jungkook’s domestic fan club ‘Jungkook Supporters’ has been broadcasting 6 advertisements at the bus shelter in front of the HYBE new office building for a month from August 1.

Source: daum

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