BLACKPINK Lisa surpasses 74 million Instagram followers… Proving exceptional popularity

BLACKPINK Lisa’s popularity is attracting attention.

Recently, BLACKPINK Lisa‘s personal Instagram surpassed 74 million followers. This number of followers showed her extraordinary popularity.

BLACKPINK Lisa Instagram followers

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK Lisa was selected as My Love Idol’s 77th donation angel by ranking No.1 in the cumulative rankings of the My Love Idol Hall of Fame.

BLACKPINK Lisa Instagram followers

According to My Love Idol, BLACKPINK Lisa topped the cumulative rankings in the female individual category. Lisa, who scored 2,978 out of 3,000 points, achieved 10 consecutive months of donating angels. Lisa has donated 14 million won a total of 28 times so far by achieving 18 donation angels and 10 donation fairies.

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