BIBI explains the live broadcast in which she cried heavily, “I had not considered myself a celebrity at that time. It’s so embarrassing”

Singer BIBI explained why she sobbed during her past live broadcast. 

The press conference and music video preview to celebrate the release of BIBI’s first full album “Lowlife Princess-Noir” at CGV Cheongdam Cinecity in Gangnam-gu, Seoul at 11 a.m on November 18th. At the event, the female singer mentioned the SNS live broadcast in which she shed tears and complained about her situation in July. 


During the live broadcast at that time, BIBI confessed, “No one even allows me to wash my face. Fans won’t know how hard I work. I wish I hadn’t been a singer”. People raised speculations that BIBI might have been suffering stress due to excessive schedules. 

In this regard, BIBI explained, “If you ask me what kind of person I am, I may answer that I’m a person who is like a drawing paper. I tend to change depending on the situation and try to adapt to the TPO.”


She continued, “I was overwhelmed by emotions and acted like that. I’m very sensitive to situation changes. I was too greedy for work that I overworked myself. Since I had not slept for three nights straight, I turned on the live broadcast and made a fuss. I’m very embarrassed about my action.”

BIBI added, “I should have confessed that to some friends through video calls, but I don’t have any. That’s why I poured out my emotions with fans while doing live. I think that happened because I hadn’t thought that I was recognized as a celebrity yet.”


MC Park Ji Yoon commented, “I think so, too. I think this innocent side is BIBI’s charm”.

BIBI’s new album “Lowlife Princess-Noir”, which expresses BIBI’s unique music world, will be released on music sites at 2 p.m KST and 0 p.m EST.

Source: Nate

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