Barbie Hsu, who was quietly fighting with her ex-husband over money, finally got the result

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, singer Koo Jun Yup’s wife, won the lawsuit against her ex-husband Wang Xiaofei.

Taiwanese media outlets such as China Times reported on March 28th that the Taipei District Court’s civil court dismissed Wang Xiaofei’s lawsuit against Barbie Hsu on March 27th.

Earlier, Barbie Hsu filed a lawsuit against Wang Xiaofei for payment of living expenses. Barbie Hsu’s side said Wang Xiaofei promised to pay monthly living expenses, including child support, at the time of the divorce agreement. However, Barbie Hsu filed for compulsory execution, claiming that Wang Xiaofei had not paid about 200 million won (5 million Taiwan dollars) since March last year when Barbie Hsu remarried to Koo Jun Yup.

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Accordingly, the court explained that it is a regular fixed payment for Wang Xiaofei to remit living expenses to Barbie Hsu according to the divorce settlement record after the closed hearing. The court also added that the divorce settlement record does not have a commitment regarding debt setoff and appropriation, so they should be calculated separately.

Wang Xiaofei filed a lawsuit against the debtor, but the court judged that there was no problem in Barbie Hsu’s replacement of the fixed payment, which was delayed due to the compulsory execution of Wang Xiaofei’s property. As a result, the court dismissed Wang Xiaofei’s lawsuit and ruled in favor of Barbie Hsu.

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However, after the lawsuit, Wang Xiaofei disclosed the bills from December 2021 to 2023, stating that he would “continue to appeal”.

Meanwhile, Barbie Hsu married Wang Xiaofei in 2011 and they have one son and one daughter, but divorced in 2021. After that, Barbie Hsu suddenly announced her marriage to Koo Jun Yup, whom she dated 20 years ago, in March last year. The two completed their marriage registration without holding a wedding ceremony and are enjoying a sweet newly-married life.

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