Bang Si Hyuk personally sent this YouTuber a gift because of LE SSERAFIM Sakura?

A YouTuber recently received a personal present from Bang Si Hyuk, the chairman of HYBE Labels after meeting Sakura. 

On January 12th, a video titled “Great gift from HYBE” was published from the YouTube channel “Seungwoo’s Dad’s daily life channel”. 

bang si hyuk
YouTuber Seungwoo

In the video, the owner of the channel, Twitch streamer Mok Jin Hwa, joked, “Last time, I made kimchi stew with LE SSERAFIM Sakura, so Sakura must have gone back to HYBE and told Chairman Bang Si Hyuk that she had a lot of fun filming.”

He then added, “I think Chairman Bang must have been extremely proud, so he personally picked out a gift and sent it to me.”

YouTuber Seungwoo

Mok Jin Hwa then opened the gift box and found a sniper figure. At this, he expressed excitement and said, “I was thinking about whether to live well or not. The quality is very good.” As it turns out, the figure was from a premium line.

After the unboxing, the YouTuber even got a battery and turned on the lights of the figure. He also shared that there was one more LOL (League of Legends) figure, and expressed his gratitude to Bang Si Hyuk. 

YouTuber Seungwoo
YouTuber Seungwoo

On the other hand, Mok Jin Hwa (Seungwoo’s Dad’s daily life channel) is a Korean-Canadian, who is active as an internet broadcaster specializing in cooking. In addition to his cooking YouTube channel, which attracted 1.66 million subscribers, Mok Jin Hwa has various other channels and SNS where he communicates with netizens. Early last year, he opened a Western-style restaurant in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, drawing attention.

Source: wikitree

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