Couple phones and couple cases, who got caught using couple items with Jung Woo-sung once again?

Actor Jung Woo-sung once again showed off his strong bromance with his friend and colleague Lee Jung-jae.

On Mar 29th, some articles were posted on online communities and SNS platforms saying that Jung Woo-sung is recently frequently seen wearing couple items with Lee Jung-jae.

In summary, their smartphones drew attention first. As both appeared together on the entertainment program “The Game Caterers 2” in January, they were seen using the same iPhone 13 Pro Blue model. 

Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung

Earlier in August 2019, some detected that they used the same phone cases on broadcast.

In response, netizens are showing various reactions, such as “I can’t ignore this anymore,” “Until when do we have to pretend to be fooled?” “As expected, the Cheongdam couple,” and “It’s hard to pretend you don’t know about this.”

Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung first met each other after appearing together in the movie “No Sun” released in 1999. In 2020, as a building in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, was purchased under their joint name, they were even nicknamed the “Cheongdam couple.”

Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung

In particular, Jung Woo-sung recently showed off his “20-year friendship” by appearing in Lee Jung-jae‘s first directed film “Hunt.”

Their bromance also led to a skit in which the large portal Google introduced Jung Woo-sung as Lee Jung-jae‘s husband. At that time, Google is believed to have committed such an error due to misquoting Wikipedia information. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia in the form of user participation, which means anyone can freely create and modify its information.

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