“But I don’t want to reach an agreement?” Yeo Jin-goo’s photo with a big smile, all eyes were on him

Actor Yeo Jin-goo directly certified the gifts he received from fans.

On August 11th, Yeo Jin-goo uploaded several photos on his Instagram with the caption “It’s a pleasant complaint, but I don’t want to reach an agreement?”

The photos showed numerous gifts sent by Yeo Jin-goo’s fans. In particular, a banner with the word “Complaint” on it attracted attention.

yeo jin goo

Fans drew laughter as they wrote on the banner, “It has become very difficult to see selfies of the defendant Yeo Jin-goo, who is illegally invading our hearts, after becoming Kim Yong (the role played by Yeo Jin-goo in the movie ‘Similar’). As a result, a number of victims are staying up all night as if they’ve burnt their hearts or they’ve got cut from their tears. This is judged to correspond to the crime of special housebreaking under Article 320 of the Criminal Act and the crime of wounding under Article 257.”

They also added at the bottom of the banner, “If you want to reach an agreement, take a picture of your smile on the banner next to this one and upload it.”

Yeo Jin-goo put his face on the banner that said “Jin-goo Ilbo” and left a proof shot with his bright smile.

He thanked fans, “It’s a feast. I don’t know how to express this feeling. Thank you so much. I’ll eat a lot and work hard.”

Earlier, Yeo Jin-goo announced his appearance in the movie “Similar”, which will be remade for the first time in 22 years.

“Similar” depicts the story of a man and a woman who live in different time periods and communicate through radio by chance, sharing about love and friendship. Actors Cho Yi-hyun, Kim Hye-yoon and Na In-woo will also appear.

Source: wikitree

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