Jennie “SOLO” No.1 All Kill, possibly a long run hit proved by winning No.1 trophy

BLACKPINK Jennie’s ‘SOLO power’ is not a joke at all. The power has been going steadily and is even getting bigger. The successful beginning of Jennie’s first solo release proved to be a long run success, and Jennie’s presence is gaining momentum.

Jennie‘s debut solo song “SOLO” is still hot on music charts. The song has set the record to be one of the most successful solo debut of a Korean female soloist, both domestically and internationally. Moreover, the “SOLO power” proved to be a long run, not just for a flash of a moment.

Jennie announced her first solo release on June 12th with “SOLO”. She is attracting attention with her unique song in domestic music market, where it is hard to succeed as a solo singer. It attracted the attention of the world music market also, as it is loved by a lot of global fans beyond Korea.

Jennie “SOLO” got first place in Melon Chart, the largest music site in Korea, immediately after being released. After the reorganization of the chart, the possibility to enter it was even harder. SOLO has already proven its power by achieving first place. After that, it got a No. 1 All Kill on music charts, and kept the record for a week.

In November, the music industry has been filled with a colorful comeback line-up for the year-end awards ceremony. Jennie will also attend 2018 Gayodaejun in November, where she is expected to show her presence with good performances.

As of 9:00 AM on November 21st, Jennie “SOLO” went back to Number 1 on Melon, the biggest music site in Korea. On Genie and Oleh music sites, it is back on the top again, showing its full power. Beyond the fandom, it can be seen that Jennie’s “SOLO” has become a popular hit.

Jennie’s “SOLO” power is likely to continue to grow steadily for the time being. It is expected to be a major competitor for November music charts competition because of the song’s perfection and also its great popularity.

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