BamBam reveals his first impression of Kwon Eunbi “I thought ‘Why is she so rude?'”

GOT7 BamBam revealed his first impression of fellow singer Kwon Eunbi

On Sep 20th, BamBam appeared as a guest on Studio USOG’s web entertainment show “Line-crossing Maebjjiri”.

bambam kwon eun bi

Kwon Eunbi and BamBam are close senior – junior in the music industry. BamBam explained his motivation for appearing on the show, “Since it’s your show, I said okay. I like it, it’s very comfortable.”

When Kwon Eunbi asked “Am I doing a good job as an MC?“, BamBam caused laughter as he made a surprising revelation, “You always do a good job when we’re drinking…

bambam kwon eun bi

He also introduced his first impression of Kwon Eunbi. BamBam honestly said, “When I first saw Kwon Eunbi, I said she was pretty. Her jacket… I thought she was like a boomer. It’s fine once I got to know her since she’s just like that(?). But when I first met her, I thought, ‘Holy, why is she so rude?’ She had bleached hair and wore a fur jacket.

To the question “How did you two become close?“, BamBam replied, “She got better after knowing each other for a while. She also gave me a luxury item as a birthday present. I still wear them, I always wear them.

Source: Daum

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