The voting results for Daesang Album and Digital at 2022 GDA are revealed: BTS and IU’s surprising vote difference

The number of votes given to BTS and IU by the judges for the Daesang category at the Golden Disc Awards 2022 (2022 GDA) is now available on Korean media.

The 36th Golden Disc Awards ceremony (2022 GDA) took place on the evening of January 8th (KST) at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. Traditionally, this award ceremony is supposed to be held in 2 days for the Album category and Digital category. However, this year, the entire ceremony is held in only one day to comply with Korea’s society regulations.

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Like every other year, GDA 2022 has two Daesang categories. BTS won the Daesang of “Album of the Year” for “BE”, and this is also the fifth year in a row that the group has won this category. Meanwhile, IU won the Daesang of “Digital Song of the Year”, and this is the second year in a row that “the national little sister” has been named. Both of these Daesang categories are considered worthy of what the two artists have done in the past year. 

The winners are determined 60% based on sales record and 40% based on the judge panel’s scoring. This panel consists of 50 people including GDA executive board, well-known music critics, music program producers, and officers from domestic music statistics and distribution companies. 

Recently, the Korean media has revealed the specific number of votes of the judges for BTS and IU in each Daesang category. Let’s see the difference between the winners.


DIGITAL DAESANG – Song of the Year

  • 1st place. “Celebrity” (IU) – 22/50 votes
  • 2nd place. “Butter” (BTS) – 20/50 votes
  • 3rd place. “Next Level” (aespa) – unpublished

ALBUM DAESANG – Album of the Year

  • 1st place. “BE” (BTS) – 36/50 votes
  • 2nd place. “LILAC” (IU) – 8/50 votes

After the results of the expert vote were published, netizens and Kpop fans were most surprised with the number of votes for “Butter” (BTS) in the Digital Daesang category. Accordingly, this song received up to 20/50 votes, only 2 votes away from IU’s “Celebrity”. This proves that BTS’s song is rated quite well by the board, affirming that this song deserves to be considered a hit besides “Celebrity” and “Next Level”.

The votes result for ‘Butter’ in the Digital Daesang category is what surprised people the most.

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